Advert Sizes
All of our publications are produced in A4 format and advertisement sizes are based on that size, less borders.
Choose from:
1/16 Page Portrait
45mm x 65mm
1/8 Page Landscape
95mm x 65mm
1/4 Page Portrait
95mm x 135mm
1/2 Page Landscape
195mm x 135mm
1/16 Page Landscape
95mm x 30mm
3/16 Page Portrait
95mm x 100mm
1/4 Page Landscape
195mm x 65mm
Full Page
195mm x 275mm
Supplying your own Advert
If you have already designed your own advertisement then this can be supplied to us as printed copy, by email, or on computer disk, either floppy or CD. Your advertisement needs to be supplied as a .PDF, .TIFF, or .EPS file type. You may use .JPEG or .PNG but these are not advised due to the effect on the text within the file by compression. .EPS files containing text must have the fonts converted to outlines/paths. .PDF files must have the fonts embedded in the file.

Suppling your advertisment this way reduces problems caused by software and font incompatibility. Legal issues associated with unlicensed use of fonts will also be avoided. We cannot install fonts you supply due to possible copyright issues.

You must have made your advert using properly licensed versions of your software.

Supplying your own Images & Files
Photographs, images and files should have a minimum resolution of 600dpi. Do not supply images downloaded from the internet or produced for the internet as the resolution of these images is too low. Photographs should be high contrast. Very detailed photographs do not reproduce well if used in a small advertisment.

Digital camera images should be supplied at the best quality setting available. The image must have a minimum resolution of 300dpi.

Line art images should be unbroken, sharply defined and in focus.

Many images are copyright controlled. You must ensure that you have the right to use any image you supply to us or wish to include in your advertisment. We will only use images which are copyright and royalty free in adverts we produce for you.

Use broad lines in images, - fine lines tend to get lost. Use a line no finer than 0.5 point or 1 pixel.

Keep images simple.

Please keep a copy of files sent to us as we unable to return stored data to you.

Please check all files for viruses prior to sending your file to us.

Text styles & Types
Different typefaces can vary in size even when set at the same size on your computer. Serif or decorative fonts require a much larger point size in order for them to be legible.

Use contrast within your text as much as possible to acheive maximum impact.

Avoid using text over an image as they may merge and make it difficult to read. If this is unavoidable use the biggest typeface as possible and outline the text with either black or white (whichever gives the greatest contrast).

Use open typefaces - avoid fine or condensed fonts.