Terms & Conditions

All advertisements are accepted for publication in good faith. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure that all advertisements comply with any relevant legislation, advertising regulations and codes of practice laid down by the Advertising Standards Authority or any other recognised, regulatory or governing body. The advertiser must also ensure that any content and/or the publication of such is not libellous, an infringement of copyright, contrary to any contract, trademark, or litigious in any way or form.

The Publishers reserve the right to refuse any advertising which is deemed inappropriate, in breach of any condition laid down in our terms, or for any other reason.

The Publishers cannot accept any liability arising from any advertisement published.

Initial bookings are to be pre-paid following which a monthly account may be opened at the Publisher’s discretion.

Cancellations must be received in good time and prior to our copy deadlines (a full list of dates for the current publishing year is available upon request). Where space has been held subject to receipt of copy we reserve the right to charge for such space if copy is not received by the relevant deadline and we have been unable to sell the space at our normal rates elsewhere.

We reserve the right to vary our terms at any time at our discretion.

Updated 12 February 2014